Add imagination ;)

A way of storytelling in archviz… Someone suggested fatal lamp changing…

Hahaha, now you mentioned it… people are trying to save money on experts fixing their stuff around the house…

Anyway, i like the framing and choice of elements…

I recognise that room :yes:

It’s one of my favorite artworks in the Architecture Academy. Well done Ola!

An outstanding image, Ola! The quality of the light, the materials, and the composition really shine in this piece. The tones of the highlights and shadows are also very nice. Is the glare from the sun in the render itself, or something added in another program such as Photoshop or Gimp? I don’t mean the lens flare, but rather the atmospheric glare we see coming through the window.

Terrific work!

Really like this work. Especially that sunlight, which i’m still not be able to create like that :stuck_out_tongue: Maybe the texture at the ceiling could have a better quality, or simple flatten the hard edges.

love this image. and the pink stilettos really add to the narative of the piece. i wonder if crushing just a bit of the blacks in the foreground would push this image ever further.

Too many lens flares Ola!!! :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Only jokes :slight_smile:

Good to see this work on here, it was a great piece on the Architectural Academy and thanks for sharing how you do you’re flares and lighting.