add level to script directory "The One Script" guide

Hi, I’ve been retesting scripts for 2.45 compatibility, some minor repairs on the way, but generally the results have exceeded my expectations.
One problem I encountered in the past was running out of room in the script directory’s.
Especially in mesh, object, import, export. I would quickly run out of room, & the extra scripts would appear off screen or not at all.
The scripts windows are limited to 32 scripts approx.
Anyway one of the gems I found in my catalog is called “The One Script” by Theeth.
(may be other links, googled this one)
Anyway, this script solved all the too many scripts problem.
The script lets you call scripts from a named directory, great for testing scripts or adding more room to directory’s
When using the script the first thing to do is open it in the text editor, then set the location of the scripts. Then the scripts will turn up by running this script. Save the script (.blender\scripts) & I will show how I use it.
*Use Save As to avoid overwriting previous versions.
This is the original header.

Name: ‘The One Script’
Blender: 228
Group: ‘Misc’
Tip: ‘Script Loader.’
Change this to>


Name: ‘Export Scripts’
Blender: 228
Group: ‘Export’
Tip: ‘Load More Export Scripts’
Set the File Path to a folder,
eg //:wherever or c:\ Blender.blender\Export Scripts
*you need to make the above Export Scripts Folder.
Do not place it in .blender\scripts, place it in .blender
or anywhere else on your hard drive.
Place all your extra Export Scripts in the folder and it works.
Also this can be taken further to all script categories,
simply rename & save as to Wizards, Import, Whatever.
One other useful task is for sub categories.


Name: ‘Object Align Tools’
Blender: 228
Group: ‘Object’
Tip: ‘All My Align Scripts.’
Direct the script to the folder containing Align Scripts.
I have about 7 align scripts that I have collected,
it is really useful to use this for sub categories &
for sorting large volumes of scripts.
Would be useful for sharing folders where
two people could work on The One Script too.
pardon the pun.

Thanks to Theeth for this great tool.
oldie but still a goodie script!:stuck_out_tongue: