Add loop is doing weird stuff in 2.71

When I am adding a loop with Cntr-r blender 2.71 is changing the selection option from vertex select to edge select.

This is on a new project created in 2.71.

Has anyone else notice this? If so is it already reported or should I do a bug report?

I hope this is a correct forum for this question.

I would imagine this is by design as, given you are using ‘add edge loop’ on exit from finishing the add, your newly added loops are selected, so edge mode would be the logical mode to be in.
However, if you leave the edges selected and switch to vertex select mode, the vertices of those edges would still be selected for you to manipulate in that mode. For face mode, it would depend on how many edge loops were added. To have the faces selected, you would first switch to vertex mode, then face mode. Just switching to face mode would not select any faces, nor would it if you only add one edge loop.
Hope this helps.

I just tried adding a loop cut via ctrl-r on a default cube, it remains in vertex selection for me.

Yes, if the object is in vertex-select mode, it remains so when I add a loop with ctrl+R. But, if it is in face-select mode, it will switch to edge-select mode when I add a loop with ctrl+R. This is the same behavior as 2.70.

I don’t remember the exact version when this behaviour became the norm, but it’s been a while. Six months at least; maybe a year or more.

S’okay. Take comfort in the fact that you noticed. :wink:

I see we have conflicting replies. I was working in a different file today and added several loops and the select mode did not change to edges. The file I was working in today was originally started in a previous version of blender several months ago. I will try again on another new file and see what happens.

If this is supposed to be a default behavior I’m not liking it. I causes an interruption to my work flow. I’m still pretty new to the whole CG thing but I’ve been making lots of progress in my understanding of Blender in several areas.

Ok I got some time to look at this again. I checked both existing files and created another new one to see if I could find the problem… only now I can’t reliably reproduce the issue.

I was able to get the select mode to change to edge when using face select as expected but I was only able to get it to happen once in the new test file after several combination of extrude add loop changing the select mode and toggling the “limit selection to visible” option. But I was unable to get it to happen again after that.

It seems that I somehow triggered the condition that caused the behavior the other day and after a reboot it is cleared. So unless it happens again and I can create a recipe to reproduce it I will assume it was a fluke.

Happy blending.