Add Mesh generates a primitive (any kind) with zero for all dimensions

I have been working with a file for awhile, but now for some reason when I add a primitive with Add Mesh, regardless of what kind of primitive I choose, the newly created mesh will have 0 for all dimensions, and any changes made in the transform properties are ignored and reset to zero. Also of note is that the primitive will have locations of X/Y/Z as “-1.#10

This makes primitive generation unusable in this file.

Is this a bug? Have I accidentally changed something in the interface to cause this?

A blank new file does not cause this, and will generate primitives normally.

Windows XP
Blender 2.49.2


Nevermind, I figured it out. I had been fighting with it for awhile, and of course found the solution within minutes of posting for help.

After posting I realized that the 3D cursor was nowhere to be seen. Resetting it with Shift+C seems to have fixed the issue with primitive creation. My guess is that it was somewhere out of bounds in 3D space that caused a mathematical issue with the location coordinates.

I had a problem like this tinkering the interface.
I had set things up in metric, and wanted the default grid to work in cm, not meters.
Once i changed that I could seethe primitives being addd.