Add mesh - ladder

With this script you can create a ladder of any height and width.

If the ladder is fixed to a wall, use a non zero DEPTH parameter.

Here a small example of how I used it recently.

This script needs my other script, Cube Wire.

Interested? Get the python script here .

I know it’s easy to do something like this with dupliverts or the array modifier, but it’s just another time saver for industrial or architecture modeling.

That’s really neat like your circular stair. However I’ve found other ways to do things like that. For instance as you said, the Curve/Array modifier combo is extrodinarily powerful. So what you can do is save an empty mesh that has the modfiers already properly set up and the parenting and orientatino and naming correct. Place it in a group and put it on like layer 9 or something.

You can do one those that is set up for stairs another for ladders another for fences etc. Now, ctrl + U them into an empty blend file.

Now whenever you begin a new blend all you have to do is shift +9 and then copy past the group you’ve already saved. Well that’s what I’d do. But scripts are neat also and I’m sure they are very useful to many people.


i downloaded your script and it automatically opened (i think) but there was no option to use it in blender. i then copied the file in the directory C:\Program Files\Blender Foundation\Blender.blender\scripts and then the option to add a ladder appeared but when i used it an error message came up and in the console it said “import error: mesh_cube_wire”.
Does anyone have any idea what is going on ?

Read the first post more thoroughly. You need to download another script.

thanks for that i cant believe i missed it sorry to wast your time

Cool, maybe you could zip/rar the both scripts together.
Updated wiki Here
I will do the Wire script soon also.

Edit: I could add this to the Add_Mesh_Toolkit if you like.