"Add Mesh" menu issue

I"m using Blender 2.49b

I Installed some scripts packages and now I have all kinds of new toys to keep me occupied.

The problem is that the new stuff has displaced the original things in the “Add Mesh” menu…the old stuff is still there but I can’t see most of it. Specifically, when I go to Add/Mesh the options to add a Plane, Cube, Circle and UV Sphere are off the screen…I can see part of “UV Shere” I expect these menu items are still there, it’s just I can’t see them to access them.

When I access the menu by using the space bar I can still get to some of the original options like the UV sphere, cylinder, cone ect, however all the options above are not viewable.

When I access that same menu via going to Add/Mesh all I see is some of the new stuff from the packages I installed like " Diamond_249"

In Windows you would normally just move your cursor to the end of the list and the list would just scroll to reveal the other items in the list, however this does not happen in Blender.

Is there a setting that I can change somewhere to do this or is my only option to uninstall the script packages and then just install the scripts I want the most?

If there’s no way to make the menu scroll is it possible that I could just install other mesh scripts in another folder (like maybe “Mesh 2”) so I could us a path like Add/Mesh2 to access these other scripts?