Add Mesh not working

Hey, I don’t normally have this problem but in one of my files when I choose Add Mesh and select a type of Mesh, nothing happens. Well, that’s not really accurate… Blender switches to edit mode, and it behaves in every way as if there was a new mesh (I can move, resize, etc) but there is no mesh visible. I’m guessing I accidentally changed an option, any idea what it might be?

the mesh should be added where the 3d cursor is, using the current grid setting as units [I belive]. So, did you put the 3d cursor somewhere weird?

hit the numpad period to center around the selection, you might find its some way away from the rest of your scene

No, it doesn’t appear where the 3D cursor is. I also tried zooming way the hell out to see if it was created somewhere else somehow, but it doesn’t show up anywhere. Also, if I use scale with the pivot set to median point, the scaling indicator line comes out of the cursor. My numlock key is broken, so I can’t use numpad period to center view.

edit: I should also add that the same problem occurs when trying to add anything else (curve, meta, etc) and in Edit mode as well as Object mode.

try pressing N for numerical entry and checking the loc and size that way. i really have no idea though.



Maybe I should just move everything to a new file. Is there a way to append multiple objects at once?

Shft-F1 and Shft-RMB select all the objects you want then hit Enter.


Oh yeah. I was trying to shift-left click.

Anyway, it turned out that it was adding them to a layer I haven’t used and had turned off. Should have thought of that earlier. Stupid of me.