Add Mesh -> Vertex? and add vertex in edit mode

Why isn’t there an easy way to add a vertex at the cursor as a mesh and more importantly in edit mode? I cannot imagine how this is not extremely useful. This is essentially how I model things. Add vertices at center and than F them together.

This script was suggested in 2008. Regardless, what I would like is to have both Add Mesh -> Vertex and the ability to add a vertex at cursor in the Ctrl-V (vertex menu) in edit mode.

Name: ‘Single Vert’
Blender: 246
Group: ‘AddMesh’
import BPyAddMesh
import Blender as B

BPyAddMesh.add_mesh_simple(‘SingleVert’, [B.Window.GetCursorPos()], [], [])

Will the above script from 2008 still worK?

Is there a way to add a keyboard shortcut for scripts?

Why not add a plane and delete three of the vertices?

Because it’s massive amount of needless work to do so for every vertex… I am creating a script. Will post shortly.

This can be accomplished by doing Add Duplicate (Shift-D) and then snapping to cursor (Shift-S) in edit mode.

However, I may still write a script that binds to some menu (Ctrl-V) in edit mode. I definitely think should be added as it’s very useful.

Sorry to interrupt, but Ctrl+Left Click has been adding vertices in edit mode for ages.

Here is an addon i made with another addon in blender “CreaPrim”, it will add a single vertex at the cursor in edit mode. The vertex can be added when you are in object mode only “Shift A Add Mesh vertex”

I’ve had great luck with that as well and it seems quite easy