Add more fluid to a bottle with existing fluid


I am having problem with a milk bottle animation, where I need to add another portion of fluid to the existing fluid already in the bottle, to fill it up to the top.

How should I approach this? as I tried adding another drop in the same domain and they both just fall at the same time.

I included a few screens and my .blend file, hopefully it will help.

Thanks so much for the help.


bottle.blend (932 KB)

Hi, just wondering if anyone has any advice on this =)

So are you using the fluid simulator? That might not be the best idea, because you can fake it as well (you won’t get “violent” splashing though). As an example, look at what these guys did for a beer glass:

Hi egan,

Yep, I’m using the fluid simulator for the milk, and guess what, I do not require the violent splashing and in fact, they’re causing me trouble. =P

The beer rig is exactly what I have been looking for! =) but I’m still quite new to Blender and I’m hoping I’ll be able to adapt beer rig for my milk bottle.

Thanks so much!