Add multiple BVH anim data to one BVH import

Hey, when Blender imports bvh, I get the skeleton with the animation- I’d like to add more bvh animations and assign to that initial skeleton that’s been created, instead of have a different skeleton for each animation.

Alternatively, I’d like to try and assign the data to an existing rig.

Anybody know how I can do this?

better wait till 2.5 and use the new itasc constraints

itasc constraints?

I have to get this done before 2.5 comes out, is there any practical solution for right now?

I don’t think you can do that without writing code.

It turns out you can use any of the IPO blocks you make with the BVH importer, as long as the skeleton is the same. So delete the extra skeletons, and use the dropdown to pick other anims.