add music

once you create an animation how do you add music to the file so that it will play at the same time

if you’ve already rendered the animation u should use the Video Sequence Editor.

hello rlee,
here’s part of a tutorial that uses VirtualDub, it’s easier than it appears.


good luck.

thank you so much - this was very helpful

thanks for the help!!! much appreciated!!

You may need to adjust your animation to sync with your music. It helps to have the music to start with and sync before rendering the movie. Or render to image sequences, put them in the VSE and add the music, sync with the music maybe having to add additional image sequences to suit, then render out to image sequence, mixdown the audio to get your master edit (put away for safe keeping). Then reload into VSE and render to a movie file format. Far better than editing in a video delivery codec. Then if you want a different video format, render the master edit from the VSE again in that format.

If your creating music to suit your animation, blender has limited audio tools. If you happen to be on linux, you can sync your blender VSE timeline with a Jack enabled sound app like Ardour to keep both your VSE timeline and sound app in sync whilst you create the sound track.

You can ‘mux’ your music to your video file with AVidemux and encode to any of many video and embedded audio formats that blender it’s self may not have as options. Although again encoding to movie format then reencoding to another format is not a good workflow. Image sequences are better.