add new menu

when pressing texture buttons there is add new menu i have several textures on that menu, how do I clear it? I have one texture overlapping another texture even though I clicked single user, and if I click single user then go back to the texture i just clicked it will still show 2. I think I need to clear the menu that should solve my problem.


Save your file and reopen it. When you look at the Add New texture menu again, all the textures with no users should be gone. Blender hangs on to unused textures and materials in case you want to re-link to them later in the same session.

You’re correct, but in the menu there are 3 color maps I only use the newer one, they have 2 or 3 users
The problem I was having is gone but how do I get rid of those other maps?
I don’t need them anymore.


Hi, Next to the texture add new button, is the texture name. next to that is a x that will delete the inlk to datablock. This will delete the current named texture. Select 1 by 1 the textures you don’t wan’t and delete/clear them. Save blend. No more extra textures.
Hope this helps. M.A.

Yeah, I know about the x but it does not clear the menu, that’s what I was looking for.


Sorry, but it does clear the menu. Try, after clearing the menu saving a new datablock (f button), this may help. Or check if you have textures in both the “ob” and “me” buttons/areas you may need to remove textures from both. Or delete in both the Materials and Textures windows.
hope this helps.

Meta, I tried again. i clicked on the x and add new comes up, then clicking on the arrow buttons the tex I just deleted is still there. If I go to me and clear the tex it does the same thing when I click on the arrow buttons. I must be doing something wrong but try as I might it does not clear the menu.


if the tex has a user it will be kept on the file even if you save and reopen, if the tex is not associated to any kind of data, like the texture is alone it will not be there when you save and reopen teh file.

You might go into the OOPS schematic and have a look… If you’ve got a “hidden” object somewhere it may refer to your bastard texture.
Make an Outliner Window and select “Show OOPS Scematic” from the View menu in the window header.

SJ, that is a great tool I am not sure if I have a hidden object somewhere yet
but those other textures I was trying to delete are connected to something.
I did not know you could that with Blender.