add new mesh to the armatured mesh

I try for first time to armature mesh. I made wizard´s body and then rig it successfully.

But now I made a hat, coat, eyes /with shape keys/, teeth, glasses and I want to add them to the rig.
Now I know that better ways to do it, is first to make all meshes and then armature it. I dont want to return back and make this hard work again.
I tried to join it many ways but unsuccessfully. It make unwanted deform to the mesh.

Link to my blend file is

Can anybody help me please?

Hi Pepe.

Do you need to have them in the same mesh?

If not,
In the case of eyes / teeth I’d keep as seperate objects and parent them to bones in the armature. In the case of the coat seperate object again, and apply it to the armature like you have the body. If you find parts of your body sticking thru the coat, a quick way around this is to dupe your body and cut out under coat verts and use this body when wearing the coat.

For hats and glasses, seperate objects again and perhaps use vertex parenting to the body to keep them in place.

thanks for your helpful advices. It works. :o)

hi, I returned to my unfinished project and I tried to make a jump with the wizard. And here is the problem: When the wizard make a bending, eyes and teeth go out of the face. Link to blend file is:
Can anybody help me?

It’s hard to see exactly whats going on, but it seems that you have parented the eye-bones to the wrong bone. Now they are parented to the “head” bone, which seems to be a control bone. Try parenting them to DEF-Head instead.

A couple of other notes,
Check the object “oko vonkajsie.001” - it contains parts of both eyes. I guess that is not intended…
If you crank down the subdivision level on the glasses a bit, you will also get a lot better viewport performance :slight_smile:

The problem occurs because your eye bones don’t move with the head when you move the neck… despite being children of the head. Not sure why yet. posted as it may help someone else who has a look.

On another note there seems to be a mix of def-head / head and def-neck / neck vertex groups… as previously mentioned would pay to stick to def bones for mesh deform.

The eye bones are children of the wrong head bone… they are parented to this head bone:

Which doesn’t move when the neck bone is rotated. This head bone does move when the neck is rotated:

But I’m not so sure if that is the correct bone they should be parented to. Haven’t time to sort thru it right now.