Add new object @ 3D cursor OR @ Active Object option

This is an idea I have for a feature request for blender developers.

For when you want to place a new object right at the same place where something is active. Let’s say you don’t want to move the location of the 3D cursor as it references another important location. Or you want to place a new object exactly at the same place and at the same rotation as the active object like a light or camera.

This feature will let you do that.

To add an object at the same location as the active object, select as usual the shift+a menu, when selecting a new object hold the shift key and this will place the new object at the same location as the active object, instead of the 3D cursor. As an additional feature the new object also matches the rotation of the active object.

You can already do this by selecting the 3D cursor tool, clicking an object, setting in the N menu the 3D cursor tools and choose to align 3D cursor with geometry or surface, creating a new object and using the settings menu to choose to orient to the 3D cursor. AFAIK You can’t get the 3D cursor to match rotation of lights and cameras.

I was just recommended to install align tools add-on. That’s another way. But there is a need.