Add object Actuator and Physics


I’m facing a problem with the “add object” actuator and physics.
It’s not a surprise, I know. I’ve tried to find some answers on the forum…without success.

That’s why I’m begging you, guys, your help!
The object added is a “dynamic actor” with a box bound. But when it appears, it has a “Rigid Body” behavior, which is very annoying for some reasons.
Is there a possibility to fix this?


It’s a bug. Ghost, rigid body and no sleeping buttons have no effect on added objects. There’s a python function owner.disableRigidBody(), but it doesn’t work yet.

I suggest you either ignore it or “recycle” objects: for example, move existing object to new position instead of adding a new one.

I’ve solved a similar problem in this post, using python and setOrientation() to make the objet to turn only in the Z axis.

Maybe it can help you.