Add Object Actuator Changes....

Im not too sure who i should be submitting this to so I wrote it here. I can’t really ‘submit’ it because its just an idea.

I was thinking that there could be three things added.

  1. A delay button thing. A number input that would say how many game tics before the object is added.
  2. A num number input. A number input of how many objects will be added.
  3. A delayNum input thingy, it decides how much space there will be between shots.

these are some ideas nothing written in stone or anything i just thought it would be cool.


Note: I typed this in a hurry so sorry about the spelling errors and stuff. also the names for the inputs were made up on the spot.

  1. Use a delay sensor.
  2. Not really practical, because they would appear as one object if they came in at the same point at the same time.
  3. Change the frequency of the sensors.

I think that it would be easier if it was just build in, thats why i made this thread. Unfortuanatly, I dont know how to submit it. (to the folks at blender.)

It’d be easier than… what? You learning the like 3 things you have to learn to do it currently?

All of the things you mention can be done currently using only a few logicbricks, not to mention the hundreds of ways to do it with Python.

There’s such a thing as having too much functionality… it’s called bloat. If it’s easily done using already existing methods, there’s no need to update.