Add object actuator deforming objects

Hi, Aliatt here.

In my attempts to use the game engine, I’ve never come across a problem I couldn’t solve, until now.

Here’s the situation: My goal is to make an airborne object that can be manned by 2 players. The second player mans a turret, so to say, that has an empty in front of it, which uses an add object actuator to fire the shot. The problem is, when I have the empty add the object(a sphere), it comes out horribly deformed(a very long rod).
I’ve looked up the forum, and every other respectable site of blender information, all to no avail. So, I’ve decided to ask the question myself.

Has any of this happened to any of you guys?

I’ve never had this problem but maybe it’s adding tons of spheres in a row making it look like a long rod. If you post the .blend I can try and fix it.

Try doing a test. Delete everything except the empty and your bullet, and see if it works.

If you’re using a keypress to add the object, it might be adding more than one sphere.

I’m quite convinced now that it is just the one deformed sphere, as it is far thinner than the original sphere.
I’d love to pass out a .blend file, you’d likely be better at figuring this out than me, but… How does one go about packing and posting .blend files, exactly? (if you’ll notice, I believe this is post #2…)

Apply scale and rotation to everything. If the object the add object actuator is running on is deformed then the objects added will be deformed in the same way. If applying scale and rotation to everything doesn’t work try deleting the empty, than adding a new one, test it before parenting, if the deformation only occurs when the empty is parented it means that the parent is deformed for some reason. try not to use object mode to edit shape in the BGE.

Applying scale and Rotation for the object the empty was parented to(the turret) seems to have taken care of the problem. Thanks for helping this semi-neophyte blender!