Add Object Actuator - HELP please !

Any tips greatly appreciated -

Trying to make a spaceship composed of optional parts, which a user can select. The ship’s hull has lots of Empties parented to it, each of which has an addObject actuator which adds the required part (like lasers, engines etc.). I need to get the new objects parented to the hull somehow. Normal parenting does not work, as the ship parts are in a different layer to the hull to make them work with the addobject actuator. Have also tried python to setPosition() the created object to the connector empty, but it only works if the ship part is a real object (ie: not made by the addObject Actuator).

I cant have the all the parts ready-made in the same layer, as the user may want 2 or 3 engines, or more, so it would have lots of un-needed objects everywhere.

Anyone any ideas ?

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