Add object from another blend file

I am working on a project in e-learning domain so a whole chemistry library has been created by other people. And interactivity features like drag-drop, mouse-look, rotation have also been added. So now I need some way in which the user can click on a button saying “add some apparatus” and the apparatus should get added from another .blend file. I have found out that Blender 2.53 supports run time loading of meshes and one way of implementing it is Dynamic Loading.

I went thru this thread ( in which Campbell Barton has implemented it but I still didnot understand how do I implement it for my purpose.

I have attached two blend files with this thread in which one has a button and another has a monkey so what I want to do is, when the user clicks button, monkey should get added.

Can someone please help me with this. Thank you.


monkey.blend (285 KB)button.blend (374 KB)