add object hierarchy and lose logic?

(Abracsis) #1

My enemy works fine when i just start it in an active layer. it and all its components are on a non used layer, and when i add it. it loses the ability to trackto.

Also. When ever i give the enemy a near or Radar sensor it makes the collision sensor of a laser blast activate when it is just near the enemy not when it hits its property.

If these are not resolved my game will not be as good as a marketable game!


(gargola) #2

you should know that as blender is right now,you can’t make “marketable games” in my opinion,it needs a lot of work. :slight_smile:

(Pooba) #3

Yeah, the collision sensor thing is a bug, if the object has a near sensor it will fire the collision sensor.

The only way i found around it is to stick the collision sensor on the other object so that when it collides with you it sends a message activating whatever you wanted to happen.


(ineedanewbi) #4

yea… stuff like that really pisses me off
another example is when i add an add object actuator to an armature, its just an actuator with nothing connected to it, but when i play my game, instead of shooting bullets, it triggers the wrong add obj. actuator for some reason… it doesnt make any sense at all

ive tried lots with AI
how is your track to obj parented to your AI?
you may need to vertex parent the track to obj. to your main AI obj.
otherwise the main AI obj.s movements interferes with the track to actuator

my AI is very “expensive”… after 3 or 4 guys, the game really starts to get sloooooooooow

if u ever get really good AI (for FPS) that does not slow down blender alot, tell me

(Abracsis) #5

In my Underwater Future style combat sim, i can have 7 enemies. Which can each be one of 14 types of ship!

That makes a 1.7GHz with an average graphics card start to slow down a bit.

However I can’t add enemies. So… Blah Maybe i could send you the file and you could work out why adding an enemy causes the AI to die…


(gorgan_almi) #6

You could parent an empty to the player and use that empty for the collision detection. The empty then sends out a message etc…

We really should make a database of all these known bugs and the solutions/workarounds if any. :-?

(saluk) #7

There already is a database. It’t at, and called the bugtracker. It includes all the bugs known about from nan days. Unfortunately I can’t figure out how to add my own bugs…

But guys, check THIS BUG out!

(gorgan_almi) #8

LOL I’m not even sure if this is what you ment but when I tried to log into the bugTracker I got this message:

Warning: Failed opening ‘modules/mantis/login_page?f_error=1.php’ for inclusion (include_path=’.:/Library/WebServer/Documents/’) in /Library/WebServer/Documents/ on line 21

:o :o :o

(saluk) #9

Grr. Try logging in anonymously, and then using the link I gave you…