add object [how to rotate new object]

(jeotero) #1


I have some objects in a different layer, then i add them to the visible one with “ADD OBJECT” but the ADDED object is looking in the wrong direction, so I go to the hidden layer, rotate the object, but nothing happens.
when i execute the game again, the new ADDED object is still loking in wrong way.

Any idea why ?

(datura) #2

you have to enter the edit mode, then select all vertices and rotate them.
i think this should work.

(calli) #3

Apply Size/Rot may help also. And the object orientation is also depandant on the orientation of the adding object.


(saluk) #4

If you are adding the object from an empty, rotate the empty so that IT’S axis is facing the direction you want to add the object. If your not using en empty, the same principle will work, except you might not want to rotate the object. It’s generally a good idea to stick to a standard of having all objects face the right direction of the axis. You can see an object’s axis by selecting it and clicking on axis on the left side of the edit buttons screen.

I generally have the front of the object facing the y axis, and the top of the object facing the z axis. You can rotate an objects mesh (to change the way it’s facing based on it’s axis) by going into edit mode, selecting all the vertices, and then rotating them as need be.