Add object restraint

this is a carousel. each of the six boxes (subbing for animals that had far too many pixels to upload)
there are upright 6 sided figures with an empty parented on them.
the boxes are parented to the empties.
they are to go up and down as the carousel rotates.
the boxes do not wish to do follow the plan.
carousel problem.blend (634.6 KB)
any ideas?
yes it is 2.69 and i wont change that. but the current version is probable similar.
thanks all

hello, could you be a bit more precise about what you mean by “the boxes do not wish to do follow the plan”, what are they supposed to do exactly?

Thanks moonboots
on a carousel the animals go around in a circle and rise and fall slowly as they go around.
they are always upright. they always face in the same direction.

so far i have found the animals go out at odd angles without restraint.
sometimes they switch direction but still continue going round.
even zipped the blend file is 27m!

here is a zipped blend file with one horse (part of to reduce file size)
tempcarousel (4.6 MB)
HERE IS A BETTER FILE. the horse switches direction it is facing, otherwise works
onehorecarousel (4.3 MB)

the horse is switching its direction because it is parented to Empty.002 which is parented to Rotator.003 that rotates. What are you trying to achieve with Rotator.003? Is the horse supposed to rotate on itself (last file) or not (first file)?

it is confusing that i did not think to number the rotators and the empties with the same number.
the rotator 003 rotates. it has the empty 002 parented to it. so the horse moves up and down as the empty rotates. i dont see why that would make the horse face the other way! do you?
the second file is the nearest to what i wish to achieve.
thanks for your help

so you could just parent the horse to the Rotator object and make the horse go up and donw with a Cycle modifier on its Z Location?

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how do i do that?
thanks for your great help

Parent the horse to Rotator, select the horse, in the Dope Sheet keyframe it 3 different locations, one up, one down, then duplicate the first one to create the third, then press Shift E > Make Cyclic.

To see what it gives in the Graph Editor press Ctrl Tab, if you select the Z Location track in the left panel, then open the right panel (N) > Modifiers > the Make Cyclic operation has created a Cycles modifier.

parented the horse to the rotator.
then i used position in the i thing instead of rotation again.
dont think that is quite what you meant but it works well enough.

yes, don’t keyframe the rotation of the horse, only its location

Thanks now for the other animals!
thanks Moon boots

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