Add object to empty (child of armature)


I am trying to do the following:

  • I have an armature that should shoot some laser beams from its helmet.
  • I added an Empty to the scene and set it to be child of this armature.
  • I created a plane that was textured with a laser beam in a hidden layer.
  • In game logic editor, I defined the empty to add this plane (laser beam) when I click “I” keyboard letter.

The thing is, when I click the keyboard letter the plane is not created.

The most strangest thing is when I create a cube, and do the same procedures above (set empty as child of cube, etc.) the plane with the texture is created.

Did anyone have the same issue?

No I can’t reproduce the effects you are describing.

Does your empty exist in the activate scene wile running?
Is the empty (or any of the parents [armature …]) scaled? (maybe the plane is tiny)
Is the empty (or any of the parents) rotated? (maybe the plane shows the invisible backside)

is it scale?

maybe the laser collides with the player and disappears (if you have such a setup)

Use this as an example. link ->