Add Objects While In Fly Mode, and How Can I Save User Prefs to my .Blend file?

Hello people. :slight_smile:

I would like to add objects while in Fly Mode, and have them snap to the grid.
Ideally, my grid would be set to Metric 0.5 so that cubes will snap next to each other without
intersecting, but this makes my jump in Walk Mode very shaky and glitchy. Those shakes go away
if I use grid size Metric 1.0.

My main problem is developing a way to add objects that snap to the grid while in Fly Mode.

Currently, I have to:

  1. Click to stop Fly Mode.
  2. Click again to set the cursor where I want to add an object.
  3. Press space bar and then enter (if the object I want to add is same as the last one I laid).
    Then I have to repeat the whole process over again if I want to add another object.

Really it should be as easy as aiming and clicking once. Bam. New object snapped to grid, kinda like Minecraft.

I want to eliminate the amount of clicks and extra stuff, being able to add objects like cubes while in Fly Mode. The objects must snap to the world grid (Metric 0.5), like cubes in Minecraft. The goal is to create a fun and interactive way for young children to play with 3D and learn primitives.
I suspect this can be done using Python or something.

Also, when I edit User Preferences for the jump height, fly speed etc, it does not save those things to my .blend file. Is there any way I can include that data in a .blend file and make it easy for others to open it right up with the preferences the way I set them? Thanks for your time guys.


Adding 50cm cubes solved the grid scale issue, so I do not have to change the Metric 1.0 to anything else that makes
the jump in Walk Mode glitchy.

Now, my main problem is developing a way to add objects that snap to the grid (Metric 1.0) while in Fly Mode.
Simply aim and click to add an object.

Also, is there an easier way to include User Preferences with a .blend file?
I have been using CTRL+U and grabbing the startup.blend but this is cumbersome.
It would be nice to know if thereโ€™s a hidden check box somewhere that will allow me to include User Preferences with a .blend.