add objet ghost?

hi guys,

I’m trying wiht add objet actuator, and I’m having a lot of problems.

This is my secod thread about add objet.

the question is:

Can I add a objet and make it a ghost?

I’ve set the objet like ghost in the second layer, but when I add it, it become not ghost.

Please try it, just a plane, in the second layer, like ghost. A empty in the first layer, with a add objet actuator, and you will see what happend.

Am I doing something wrong?

I’ve disable colision for the UV faces, and no bounds, but nothing seems to work.

By the way, I’m trying to make smoke and fire, adding planes with a alpha texture. is there any other way?

laughing out loud

By the way, I’m trying to make smoke and fire,

try Monster’s tutorial , if anything happend with you , post here

Good Luck :slight_smile: .

Do you think is funny?

I don’t not why.

Because if you have readed carefully, you know that it is a diferent problem, the other thread was about a collision problem, I didn’t try to make a ghost actor. I know somebody tell me, you lost the gosth property when you add, but I don’t know if he is right, or if there is some way to fix it, and the other problem was solved without pay attention to this point, that’s why I want to talk about it now.

3DGuru, thank you, I will check it out.

I think it’s funny because it’s asked at least once a week…

Yes, it’s a bug. Added objects can’t be set ghost, but as said in your previous thread, collision can be disabled for static (not dynamic) added objects. So, you could disable collision for the alpha planes if you don’t need them to react to rays etc.

Thank you for you answer. And sorry If I was too much mean before.

I’m studing how to make fire and smoke, and this methods seems to have a lot of problems. I’m going to try wiht a animated texture. I’ll show you guys what I get.

I’m going to try wiht a animated texture

if you want to expand it’s horizon through python , use this
where it says

vTileTex 5inTileTex 5in1

good luck :slight_smile:

If you are just trying to make an object so it doesnt register collisions just go into face select mode, select all facees, unclick the collision button in F9 menu then click copy draw mode and you object wont register any collisions whatsoever.

Ok I give up with particles, add objet, etc.

I have used a texture animation, I think is the simplest way. That’s what I’ve got


I didn’t like the animated texture, at least for what I wanted it. So after I read prof monster particles’s tutorial I did that.

Siegel you are right about collisions, thanks.

the blend file with the fire and smoke effects.


thanks man , :slight_smile: , have you used a specific software to tesselate the image ? , or you have splited it in gimp/photoshop , i remember that there is free software that can do so …

bye .

I used blender to teselate the image, lol

I made a plane, modifier array, 2 times, x and y. Later using UV texture I put the images in the right plane. Material= textface and shadeles, camera=ortografic, I made a render, and I save it like PNG, and that’s all.

The animation is made by discreet combustion, is not free :frowning: but I use it for video edtion, this software has particle efects, that I rendered like .PNG frames. And later I teselated as I said.

I hope you understand me even with this explanation.

In the animate textures, your tiles all look the same? Each tile needed to be a little bit different from the next, maybe some flames growing taller and others shorter and the smoke changing also from frame to frame.

Then I think you would like it?

There’s just one problem with this method: the add object memory leak.
It might not be a huge problem if the fire burns for only short time.

In the screenshot maybe look all the same, but they are diferent, that’s the point for an animation. You can donwload it and test it by yourself.

PSK131 : I’ve testing the fire wiht the add objet method and it seems to be Ok. I’ve read the thread about the memory problem. I’m using add objet everywhere in my game. So I will have a problem. I think I’ll have to do something to restart the game to free the memory. I will see, for now my game is not big enough to have problems.