[Add-on] Add Camera to View

Hey, guys.
Here a simple script for adding your camera to view without noticeable jump between original and camera view (mostly because of setting sensor size to 55 and some movement on local Z axis)
Script allow you to quickly set multiple cameras without headache of unlocking your view and reselecting origin object.

Ctrl + Shift + 0 – Add new camera to view
Ctrl + Shift + L– Lock camera to view toggle



“Add Camera to View” default settings:
Adding new camera with focal lens of the viewport
Setting sensor size to 55
Moving camera backwards on local Z axis (distance depends on focal view value)
Aligning camera to view
Fitting camera to viewport (Same as “Home” button when view is set to “Camera”)
Turning Off “Lock camera to view”
if something was selected, it remains to be selected (this way you can continue to orbit around it)

“Add Camera to View” script:
Add Camera to View.py

People who do not want to have their camera setting changed can use Add Camera to View (Default camera settings)
Add Camera to View (Default camera settings).py

The script is updated for blender 2.8
Add Camera to View 2.8.zip

Everyone who wants to make this script better feel free to use it.

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