[Add-On] Add Circle Segment

I found this script http://www.pasteall.org/46353/python
but I can’t manage to install it properly, I tried to add the bl_info, it works but then I can’t find it anywhere.
It’s a kind of a mistery.

Copy this code with the top-right button of Pasteall. And paste in the Blender Text editor on a new text data block with the NEW button (botton left button).
Then click the “Run script” bottom button.
Then in 3D view, click on spacebar and choose the search command and type the title: Add Circle Segment
and enter! And Voilà it’s ended!

Ha when the solid is in the scene, type F6 and change the parameters!

Thanks for this script I didn’t know it! Bye bye.

EDIT: Tomorrow I will transform it in standart add-on may be…

Disregard this.

That would be nice :slight_smile:
Or at least point into direction on How to (transform script to addon)?
I wish to learn.

Oh thank you! Since I want to learn Blender after years of gimp(yeah I know my photography hobby kept me occupied :frowning: )
I wanted to learn to make some animated infographic, so it’s perfect for the job, even if I know the trick of creating sectors of a circle and make them appear with alpha… oh well im talking too much. Thank you if you can transform it in a real addon.

@Burnin: It’s you the author of this script, please?
i must add the name of the author in bl_info before to offer the download link.

Sorry, no… am not the author.
With anonymous sources, we do as with any other GNU GPL. Describe the source that you know of and add yourself as co-author (if you wish so) in case the original author shows up and expresses a wish to be accredited (she/he can reach the contact). Then the authorship must be proven with ‘hard’ facts of the works origin. Otherwise it stays as ‘made by anonymous’, a public property. Found in public, belongs to public. No intentional harm done.

Ok and “Voilà” your “Add Circle Segment” add-on: DOWNLOAD LINK

@TheMistake, could you change your tread title for all, please?: [Add-On] Add Circle Segment

Thank you :smiley:

Done, I hope this script I found will be userful to some.

Thanks and happy blending! :slight_smile: