[Add on] Advanced align tools

(PLyczkowski) #41

Ok, got it to work, disregard please.

(bluecd) #42

Does it work w/2.71 ?
Blender just cant see it in Addon 3D View ? (surely copied into AddonContrib folder ))

Sorry-visible already in install menu but invisible anywhere on working panes.

(JuhaW) #43

Works 2.71, its in object mode, under specials menu (W) > Align objects.

(JuhaW) #44

Works 2.71, its in object mode, under Specials menu (W) > Align objects.

(Bobb) #45

This is an excellent tool for my type of modeling.
Thanks a bunch.

(anonb) #46

with blender 2.72b 64 bit it’s not working. I can’t see it in tool shelf.
I couldn’t see it from w special menu. I am trying to select two obgects and trig the special w, but nothing happens.

(JuhaW) #47

Works Blender 64bit 2.72b Win64.


(anonb) #48

Cool, thanks, Juha.I guess that I was selecting objects wrong.

(mkbreuer) #49

Hy Lell!

Align Tool have freezing Settingpanel in Blender 2.73!

The addon works correctly, when i add a direkt window popup (Line 635)

…but RedoLast (F6) is freezing!

(dphantom) #50

Ok I just tried this (version 0.8) and this is THE BEST align addon so far!
The source options and the ability to align to the 3D cursor are absolutely amazing!!
Thanks a lot for this!

(mkbreuer) #51

I added a button for the tools transform panel. :wink:


(dphantom) #52

Hey cool! This will make it easier to access to addon! Thanks for the update

(rombout) #53

Hi i hadnt used the tool in a while and cant seem to get the align roation to work in 2.76b on mac.

I select object A then select object B>W>align tools. Then i have i use [object] > location [center] > Align rotation.

Can someone check if it works properly with the align rotation?

i was working in individual origins mode :slight_smile: I wanted to align something to the 3d cursor. I did noticed i need to invert the rotation to MIN aftewards??

(bloox64) #54

Hi, this is one of the most fundamental addons I use, with more options than the default blender behaviour, is it any plan to port it to 2.8? Or can anyone else try to make it work there? I see this thread hasn’t been active in years, so I hope we have some luck.