[Add On] Animation Sketch (a la MoSketch)

Hi everyone,

I’ve been currently working on a simple add-on that allows you to “draw” your bone poses:

It uses Grease Pencil to deform Bendy Bones and match your stroke (it currently only work with one bone at a time). It’s still at an early stage but I would like to hear your feedbacks about the workflow !


You can grab the development version here : https://gum.co/esWw

Be sure to check first the documentation : https://docs.google.com/document/d/1lTK0qIBzIx_ayGMP31vXX23S5aNLj8LFtgnrkOGhpag/edit?usp=sharing

And give feedbacks (and bug report) here : https://discord.gg/8C32ZvY


That is truly awesome work! Going to integrate that in my workflow.

Many thanks!

Thanks Herbert !

I’ve just released the v0.2 which simplifies the armature set-up and add a “Preserve Scale” option :


Did you figure out a way to combine this with IK ?.
Maybe what if the strokes would only affect the bendy properties of a bone unless you select 2 or more? could that be an option?

No not yet, I still have to think about that. The head Lock option can be used for IK (but only with the bone selected and disconnected, a “stretch to” modifier for the parent bone coud give a better result actually, I will add that). I aslo can add a custom IK input where you can indicate the number of parent bones that will move with the bone.

I rather let the user decide if he wants deform or position for the bone.

I just came across this today. What a lovely lovely tool! So dynamic and fun to use! Please don’t stop developing it!!

I’m barely 2 weeks old in Blender and new to Bendy bone. But this is exciting me I’m going to try it in 2.79 and see what happens…

Oh, and MoSketch is such a cool name too!:smiley:

Whoop, whoop, this looks great! Can I use it with the latest official Blender builds?

Yes, I didn’t tried it on the latest build but there’s a version for the 2.8 ! Please tell me if you have any issue with the add-on :slight_smile: