[Add-On] Arrange objects along a curve.

Great! I will contact you in PM!

Hello, the addon seems superuseful, but it doesn’t work in 2.77, at least for me (kubuntu 14.04). It returns an error message when executed.

Here is the latest version.

This version has many new features (I will need to do a manual)
It needs a few more tests to see if it is stable.


arrange_on_curve.zip (2.95 KB)

Really nice !

Hullo Mano, I got one idea for easier use, [x] offset from all corners.


Great news, thank you!

Nice addon. Thanks

More I use, more I like and one proposal to set start offset for duplicates.
Common use: 1. object, 1m distance, 2. object, 1m distance but you want it between first objects, so start offset = 50cm.

Thank you, mano-wii

This is great, thank you very much!

hi, this addon seems a little tricky to get working here on 2.77. it appears to depend on having a mesh and a curve selected in that order or else it won’t show? would be good if it just opened up with a little interface where you can specifiy mesh and desired curve. :slight_smile:

why compressed it at all? its 13kb

The reason is probably because you want to use the “install from file” but it can be copied to the addons folder directly, works for me. :slight_smile: Thank btw for this SUPER! addon, just what I needed

Ohh, I have not seen all the comments. (My email is considering span). I’ll do some tests on addon to see if everything is working properly.

Nice addon!
We made a bit similar Railer tool in 1D_Scripts

Any chance for a 2.8 update?