Add-on : Camera Regions

I meant that this popup couod show in the new operator i added. The one which adds a camera when making a 3dview region render to camera. Currently it always adds a new camera and then the uilist is blocked from viewing since impossible to add more views to that camera.

Is there a lot no to that project? Like to understand it’s use case

sorry I don’t understand what you mean by “a lot no to that project”

Sorry, i was type Ng on mobile and weird text corrections were made.
I meant to say, is there a link to that project or more info?

The popup will not show in the camera region to camera, so it should not alter that workflow

there is no link that I know of, we discussed in DMs. Maybe @fundorin can answer your questions though.

Hi. Those projects of mine are audio devices replicas like this one, where every individual control should be rendered separately on an alpha layer and with animation:

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@rombout a little warning : we discovered there’s a hard limit on Camera Shift X and Y (ranges from -10 to 10). This means small regions that are towards the sides of the camera’s frame will hit this wall.
I posted on Devtalk to ask to lift this limit:

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Wait you use regions for this? I thought you would zoom to selected, then place camera at that position. Isn’t that easier?

If the camera is anything other than orthographic, moving it would change the parallax (the perspective if you prefer), so you’d have no other choice but to keep the camera in place.
And if the camera is orthographic, then you could in theory but the Shift+B zoom doesn’t work there so you’d have to do some manual work.


Ah so it needs those crops from the same camera Perspective. I think I understand now.

Im still working on the part of adding a 3dview region to a selected camera. If added the “original” to a new created camera from 3dview. So that operator works now without issues.