Add-on coding requirement

Hi, guys. I was just wondering. If I were to make a patch tool add-on similar to ones 3ds max has, would need to know only python or also C/C++? What level of mathematics should I need to know, and where should start with all of this. Are there any tutorials, PDF documents etc. about making advanced add-ons for Blender.

And sorry about these kind of questions that you probably get a lot. I probably sound like a little kid by asking this and hopping that it is easy and very simple to achieve. When I reality I’ve been modeling in Blender for years and I’m aware it literally takes years to be good at something and also it takes a lot of time to make something complicated.

To create add-ons you need to know Python. C/C++ is only necessary if you want make changes in Blender itself.

About math, it depends of the things you want to make, but I don’t think you need to be Eistein, only algebra and something about geometry.

Thanks Antonioya, I consider this thread solved.