Add on editing after creating

Is there a way to continue with editing add ons such as;

Gears or Add Mesh: Wall factory once they have been created?

I have been having an initial tweak of the settings then go into move or rotate and the editing panel disapears on the left hand side.

Tabing between Edit and Object mode doesn’t bring the properties editor back either.

Yours perplexed.


Unfortunately it’s how Blender works : the operator panel only is available for the latest operation
So when you add the mesh , that become the latest operation and so you have the operator panel listing the mesh tweaks/settings/options.
But if you move or rotate, the operator will lose the mesh editing option and will then display the settings for what is now the latest operation : the move or rotate you just did.

Maybe with the Blender 2.7x serie that will see some refactor, it may become possible in the future.

Ok. Thank you Sanctuary for the quick reply.

Yeah, I wish Blender had a less destructive workflow… :frowning: