Add-on extrude / sweep mesh edges along mesh edges?

I did but it seems very cumbersome to use.

I am looking for something like Sweep 1 or Sweep 2 Rail like in Rhino (standard nurbs tools) or how the follow me command works in SketchUp.

This is for my interior design students and they are spoiled but some of the rather very well designed tools in SketchUp

If I recall correctly Miratools may have such a feature: MiraTools

I don’t think Mira had it either - I just read their manual today.

Too bad such modeling abilities are not part of blender

Have you tried the polysweeper free version?
It has Just the essential operator.
I m working right now at a new release of the free version and If you have any hints about I would be happy to try to implement !

Can polysweeper make sweep along only chain of edges ?

No, but It would be easy to implement, i m re-writing the free version like a separated addon more straigth forward use, without a dedicated Tab, so every hints would be usefull.
If the result Will be very solid maybe I could send It to be included in official.

here a simple use case (Just the first 10 seconds):

For profile sweeping I use also “angle tool” addon and “curve lib” addon

I did look at it but found it a tick confusing to use and I get many error messages.
It would be nice if the sweep could use only an edge selection too.

If you want I am more than happy to help with testing.

And I fully agree - it would be nice to integrate this into blender offcial.

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Very good! I’ll send you the new version soon!

Perfect - I just checked Hexagon one more time.
It has some of those poly modeling tools.

But what ideally would be the best is being able to sweep while in edit mode

Polysweeper 0.1.0 released
now we can think about single edge loop sweep ecc…

i followed your video but I did not get sweep along my profile.
it appears message “profile not suitable for sweeping” why? kindly explain.

Can you send me the blend file?

thanks for the reply.oktest.blend (817.5 KB)

Thanx! Just some profile issues to fix
the profile obj also has to be 0 rotation.
I can easily fix this by code, tutorial on profile creation added on the todo list.

test_fixed.blend (827.1 KB)

thnk for the works fine. thanks for your effort

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Give this a try. Works great. Indispensible. Stephen Leger also has an addon for this. Thanks

the sweep scale is based on the size of the edge loop faces?

yes, if you keep the “normal scale” parameter to 1 the profile scale is proportional to edge ring length, the scale parameter is just a multiply factor on the normal vector.

so if I would set it to “0” then it would not be scaled?

not exactly, it’s a multiply value set to 1 to get a unaltered proportional scale, set to 0 it’s going to break the value, in practice is very simple:

Edit: you would like to scale the profile also along the “height” axis?
This Is feasible, I can just add a 'profile height parameter" but It will uncheck automatically the fuse option: like you see in the video you can use the sweep also to ‘sculpt’ the geometry.
The height parameter could be also expressed in absolute measure, I ll make a test, It’s Just a matter of add the parameters exposed in the UI.