[add-on fix] working Doom 3 MD5 exporter (model/anims) needs additional feature

Looking for someone with Python and Blender API knowledge to add an extremely useful feature into Doom 3 MD5 exporter.

Everything works, but there is one problem - it exports all bones into md5mesh and md5anim files.

What if we mark bones that we need to discard with custom property “remove” and bone next to it in the chain as “parent_to” with value containing name of the bone it will get parented to?

For example, we have this chain:

root < bone1 < bone2 < bone3

and I want to discard bone2. So bone2 will have custom property “remove” and bone3 will have custom property name/value as “parent_to” “bone1” (making bone3 a child of bone1). Exporter would ignore bone2 (and anything related to bone2) on export, and will make bone3 child of bone1 (writing related data accordingly to new hierarchy).

That is what needs to be implemented. This way we can have crazy complex rigs, several root bones, etc. and yet at the end of the day we will only export deformation bones, main root bone, IK bones (specific to the game engine) and attachment bones.