Add-on ideas


I haven’t found any topic related so I’m posting it here.
If there is one, I’m sorry.

I personally dont know how to code, but from time I think of some ideas for addons.

This is what happened right now. I thought that it would be interesting to have a topic like this, maybe someone takes a liking to the idea and decides to make it.

My idea was inspired by the latest version of the Boxcutter:
Boxcutter 2.80 GIF

As you can see, the addon appears on the T-Panel, and it’s setting on the upper area.
When I saw it i thought, Is there a way to reach the most used functions the same way (with an addon / tool).

For Example: Quick Save, Undo/Redo, Open, Move, Rotate, Scale, Add primitives, Modifiers, Materials, Quick Favorites, Render, Separete etc.

These could be extended, removed and added to the bar.
I don’t know if it can be done or not.


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i think this might go against the idea of the toolbar itself. Usually the tools up top are related to the active tool. However I love the idea of a large undo / redo button. That would help blender feel more… sketchy like sketchable.


My addon ideas:

-Addon writing helper: an addon framework for those who have great ideas, but not so proficient with Blender/Python… I’m thinking about UI mostly. Some addons have great on screen helper menus, configurable UI elements… they are great…while some addons are really just “paste the script to the consol”…and it’s understandable that not everyone wants to be a Blender UI master… they could use some help.

-Rigify should be made more user friendly and should have more options (maybe incorporating other addons) Some ideas: Bone structure presets for different engines, bone/vertex group renamer, animation baker to a simplified armature… etc

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One more idea (not mine):
" Object Context Menu Enhancements [RMB] "

( Maybe +Quick Favorites options/menu )


Another ( it’s mine :slight_smile: ):

  • A Tab for the Add-Ons
  • Add-On, when enabled -> New tab (recently used Add-Ons, for example…)Add-On, when disabled -> This tab ( and in the list )
  • The chosen add-on from list, gets activated and appears.
  • Pin Add-on tabs for quick access.
  • ( And maybe add a list for favorites… )

Rightclick link:
Add-On List

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More options for Quick Favorites!

  • Rename Favorites
  • Change order of Favorites
  • More menus option (plus 1-2) (if you’ve many favorites, maybe would be more readable with this option)
  • Rename Menus
  • (- Add to QF from Search menu)
  • etc…