[Add-on] Improved Origin Pie Menu

You are right about that. It makes sense but it should allow you anyway. So if you have 2 materials and you remove one of them it should assign those vertex to the remaining material. If you have one then I don’t see any problems when removing it from edit mode.

Material slots can be created in edit mode but they cannot be deleted in edit mode. I was talking only about material slots, not the materials. Yes, technically it probably needs to access data only available from object mode, but from the user’s perspective it does not make sense at all the way I see it. I wrote a test script redefining the whole cycles material panel in properties editor(copied from UI Python code), but changed the remove material slot operator to a custom one and it works without problems - it switches to object mode deletes the slot and switches back to edit mode. It does however break undo functionality. I am thinking of attempting to write an add-on that would make all actions accessible from edit mode even if it breaks undo functionality… I don’t know if it makes sense. It seems to me it would save time.

Thanks for the handy addon

Hi, thanks for very useful addon.
I have an error, when trasnform origin with vertex snapping …

Hi. I cannot reproduce the issue. I could try to fix it if you could tell me all the steps you took before the problem occurred.


Here I have problem with plugin,
Align error.blend (1.8 MB)

in this file for example doesn’t work
“align origin to active transform orientation”

Can you look at it please?


Hi. I see… :smiley: I never expected to have lots of 3d View panels open when I wrote it. It uses the transform orientation found in the last 3d View Panel, however it has trouble to do so with the default ‘Global’ orientation that is selected in your other 3d View open. It does make sense to use the one from the current context - I have no idea why I messed up like that at the time I wrote it. I will fix it eventually, but I do not have the time to fix it now. If you make sure you have only one 3d View panel it will work for now. I will fix it as soon as I can and let you know about it, but it might be a couple of days before I find the time to do so.

Thanks, with only one 3D view panel it works well now.

2.8 please :slight_smile:


here in description he can download addon with same functions for 2.8

sorry for moderate necroposting, thank you for your addon, I came upon it after sifting through the internet about better set-origin tools, could you still reupload it please for Blender 2.79? It just answers to lots of requests, thank you.