[Add-on] Instant Meshes Remesh

When I tried again to run addon on same object it repeating the last action that I assign in this addon earlier and crash…

@Metin_Seven, cool thanks for the headsup. I see he had/has his toughts about the GPL thing. But it is already noted that many others are paid as well without open sourcing it. Like FLUID addon. If his app is c++ he can still have the addon itself opensource but not the engine. I use an external render engine for Blender which is setup like this. The blender addon you can get from gitHub, but you will need the engine to run it and thats is paid.

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:+1: Maybe you can write this to the developer in the Polycount topic about QuadRemesher as well, just to remind him of this totally valid option.

Okay done, thanks for noting it

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Hi all and @knekke
Blender OBJ intern codes have been changed and fixed to work with CAD and split normal and due to these massive changes All previous addon based on OBJ translation needs internal tweaking. As I use Instant mesh most often I have updated it here:


  1. Custom Split Normals recalculated, Due to auto smooth changes in OBJ intern code (Major)
  2. Wireframe display ON due to shading error with matcaps(Minor)

@knekke you can update the code if you think it’s alright now. The bug was introduced 3 months ago


Thanks, I updated my script.

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Thanks for sharing this. I like the way it integrates instamesh, which I’ve used before. (Obviously, it’d be nice if there were some way to use strokes, grease pencil layers or mesh edges-- one of the things I never liked about Instamesh was that it was impossible to get straight strokes from freehand.)

I’m not seeing a matcap error (other than the mesh errors that Instamesh can create)-- is it really necessary to activate the wireframe overlay on the whole viewport (on every 3D viewport) every time you use the addon?

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Maybe not… I haven’t used the plugin for quite a while. But just set line 176 to False

bpy.context.space_data.overlay.show_wireframes = False

Thanks, easily done!