Add-on: learning achievements

I’m currently playing with the idea to have achievements as an add-on for blender, having a screen or something in there to be able to manage the "learning experience and objectives"of blenderheads.
Let me elaborate: blender is getting HUGE, a lot of newbies have no idea where to start and are often like children in a candy factory: so much choice you can´t choose anymore.

I´m suggesting making an add-on with achievements, set to either appear ìn your face on the splash screen, or quietly in a background menu. That way people can pick stuff they want to learn and get to see a relevant tutorial online or a link to stuff, off course there´s the usual epeen involved and and the higher you score, the more blenderhead you are )or the better at cheating’.

As an example:
-Blender open for more than 5 minutes- 10 points

  • render button pressed - -5points
  • I´m a picture god- you have at least 3 light sources and they´re not the default settings when you pressed f12, tutorialshere - 20 points.
    -fluid simulation used, see www.tutorialshere to find out how to use them, to get achievement change at least the following setting before baking (settingslist). -40 points-

and so on.

I like the idea, but I can’t see it being an easy addon to make, so if your going to be developing it,
then good luck and lots of determination not to mention all the more power to you. :wink:

Oeh, that would be awesome, and so bad for my nightrest. And it might actually give beginning users a good place to start. As my coding skills are non existent, I can’t help you. But I wish you all the luck none the less :slight_smile:

i think it is a fantastic idea :slight_smile: once enough points are accumulated it can suggest that the user applies to the foundation certification board.

Well for learning purposes I agree that it would be good. However it would make Blender appear to be some sort of a game instead of a 3D application.

So I am a bit unsure about this.

How many points to unlock the M95? :ba:

NinthJake: fun, in any form, is the future, the lines between gaming and working are going to blend (pun intended).

Some example material/food for thought:

Besides, it will be an add-on, so wether you want to feel like gaming and blendering at the same time will be entirely a personal choice.

addendum: the best way to assign points is that they are relative to the time spent on learning, I´m also thinking about taking online video tutorials and making them into achievements, that way if it takes 15 minutes to explain, you get 15 points, for example.

This way one can also easyly see which achievements one feels one has time to get, if you happen to have 5 minutes, get a 5 point achievement, if you have the next hour, a 40 points would be possible, and so on.

And yes, this is totally arbitrary and unfair: power to the coders of the thing… complaining about it might help, oh boy, I feel a website comming. :slight_smile:

Aww, guess I´ll have to talk to the blender foundation:

  • The script must be Licensed GPL or GPL compatible license only. -deal
  • The script must have a Blender Wiki page & a link to that page in the script. -deal
  • The script Must have a Blender Projects Page & a link to that page in the script. -deal

This is where we might have a problem:

  • No Active Links to non Blender sites are permitted unless approved by the development team.

  • The script should not call on non GPL libraries. -deal

  • The script should be well written & commented. -deal

  • The script should be useful, unusual or fun. -deal

  • The script should not be trivial. ( a button to rotate the cube is not good. ) -deal

  • The above list may be changed without notice at any time. -

  • I knew there was a loophole, I guess I´d better ask in #blendercoders later on wether they agree with me…

of course any courseware links used will only be used with agreement of the source. Blender cookies and Blenderguru are on top of my list here. And to keep things safe I´m afraid I´ll have to stay a benevolent dictator…

However I think all achievements will have icons´ orimage thumbnails´ with them, maybe even extra bonus for doing a series from a source might be in order… now all I have to find out is if there´s a keylogger-functionlogger in blender that can be saved… this way when the achievements get updated after somebody already did a tutorial online about it they get the credit retroactively too… yes there will be weird snafus, I know, but I´d rather have a random achievement unlocked than having people missing achievements altogether because I was sipping wiener melange on the French coast.

Hmmz, I guess I´ll also make a less popular `deprecated´ category, after 10 years some tutorials will be so outdated that there´s really no point in getting an achievement from them, and they should be removed from the list… head desk which means people will need a way to save … ok got it, no worries, don´t mind me, carry on.

I hope you put ads in it too!

I can’t wait for Blender to popup an ad and try and sell me a lawnmower.

Hmmz, nope no lawnmowers adds taking screenspace, unless it’s a tutorial about how to model a John deer Lawnmover for example… I guess "advertutorials would be the limit in this case. I hate stuff that wouldn’t be relevant to the task at hand.

I’m not saying I won’t do it, I’m just saying that it’s unlikely I’d do it without a good reason… and money isn’t one that fits the bill (it’s a nice bonus, but no reason in, and of itself).

Did you have to say that? I’m now thinking about having a “fund the blender foundation through watching adds” add-on, the proceeds of the adds going to the BF.

Do you know how much we had to fight to persuade Ton to get a “donation” link on the splash screen? :wink:

I love this idea!!!

I actually think an ideal use for it would be with any of the learning resource publishing materials, where they often include a CD with files on it. It’s hard to visualize a program-wide achievement system without panicking. However, completing all the steps in a lesson of Venom’s Lab is pretty quantifiable, and would fit nicely as an added feature.

I don’t see much of a point to this, it sounds like trying to make Blender like Xbox Live, can we leave the whole achievements idea to the gaming companies please?

And please don’t try to put in random ads in Blender, I would think the BF is above making Blender a program with in-your-face ads like a lot of major websites offering free online games.

I think you’ve been on Xbox Live too long.

About those, they’re for having the addon bundled with the official package I assume? Or does it include they don’t even mention your addon on the python scripts page?
Anyhow you can always code it, with or without their approval. I think it will prove useful and I really think its an awesome idea.

I’m not sure I see the utility in this add-on. Mainly because I can’t see how you will quantify learning.

So far you’ve indicated that you would track time or functions (like fluid sim) used but this doesn’t tell you anything about learning. I’ve played with the fluid sim, pushed some buttons, rendered some things, but I haven’t learnt anything nor do I understand how to use it properly. Do I still get the “achievement”?

How will you track tutorial views? By recording web history? Maintaining a list of approved tutorials?

Your reward system is also a little strange. A few icons or thumbnails as a reward for accessing functions in a graphics program? What else do I get from installing what sounds to be a particularly invasive script? I’m also highly skeptical of the technical feasbility of this project and many of the ideas you mentioned simply aren’t workable.

I realise achievements are all the rage in games because people get to brag about them through scoreboards but blender isn’t a game. Plus blender already has an inherent achievement system known as “renders”.

I understand that you’re trying to structure a learning path to help new users, which is good, but this function is already served by things like the noob to pro wikibook. But hey, it’s an optional thing. I just don’t think you will be able to implement it or see the response from users that would justify a project of this size and complexity.

This add-on does not have to be part of the official blender package. Instead it could be distributed by itself (as most likely it will). If you want to try and get it in you’ll have to code it first and submit it to the upload category on the Blender Extensions Project, before anything else happens.

most of the world accesses learning material and documentation from a school or library computer, or an internet cafe, via 56k modem. using a script like this only slows their learning experience down.

As already mentioned, it WILL be OPTIONAL, so it won’t hinder anyone who doesn’t want it. :slight_smile:
It will benefit those of whom it can, and no more, no less. :slight_smile: