[Add-on] MassFx- Physics based pile generator!

MassFx was developed to very quickly populate your scenes with your assets in a very natural way. It allows you to create them using clusters of a desired group of objects
and automatically drops them with Rigid body simulations.

Whether you work in game cinematics, commercials…etc.
You need to add details to your scenes with some assets and placing them by hand takes time to get a natural look.

MassFx is now available on gumroad:

Installation: The file is compressed, so unzip, & move “MassFX_v1” folder to your addons folder.
Open Blender> User Preferences> Add-ons> Search for: MassFX> Enable it. Now enjoy creating realistic looking piles.
If you have any issues, please report bugs through PM.


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Seems useful. Keep it up!

It looks very useful.

I’ll be watching this intently…

Stacking test

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the last video is amazing! :smiley: good work!

MassFx is now available for purchase.
I’d like to thank many beta testers, as well as those who support all my add-ons.


i just bought this nice addon, but how to use it correctly? All time i get error messages. Is there a tutorial or a readme? My Blender Version is 2.77a.

this looks like exactly what i want, but zero response from the creator to problems means i’ll keep my money in my pocket.

I usually PM them, so If you happen to have an issue just PM me, this isn’t a thread to report bugs btw.

Those are not bugs, but honest user complaints. So if you are a ‘representative’ do help or enjoy your peace.
… and Thank you on your notice.

Well as I wrote on the main post, I’d be glad to fix the issues if you PM me and not fill this thread with ,as I respectively say, bug reports. Thanks.

if you want people to pay you money, you need to make it obvious that you are helping purchasers. if there are installation issues or whatever, what’s the point of doing private mails, you’ll just get the same query multiple times.

Hey guys cut alberto some slack-
stop alienating people on the forums.

For every work/action, responsibility is reaction.
Complaint is not a bug.
Alienating is one who keeps truth hidden.

What is this? a thread about lecturing me about what I should or shouldn’t do? no, so once again I ask you guys not to fill this thread with bug reports. I can decide to have my personal support method/forum. I receive one bug report, I fix it, and no longer have anyone else mention the same issue. If you guys are not going to purchase MassFX, then don’t fill this thread up with irrelevant comments. Thanks.
& Now that I think about it, I may take this over to blendermarket where they have a product support forum. That way we have less people trying to bash me for how I personally support my customers.

if that’s your attitude to customers, you’ve just lost my money. i hardly think it’s unreasonable for a developer to show presence and attention instead of trying to hide issues like you’re embarassed about them. all people see in a thread is - as i pointed out - someone saying they have faults, and then no reply from the creator. you think that’s going to get people falling all over themselves to pay you? i was pointing this out as something that might encourage sales and show you as a supportive creator, but if you want to t take a little strop and not bother yourself, my money’s fine in my own pocket thanks.

I don’t know how many times I have to ask not to fill this thread with these type of comments. Not going to buy it? Then OK, please do me a favor and move on. Thanks.

Good luck trying to control the comments in this thread :slight_smile:

Get 25% off MassFX using code: 25off
code will expire this weekend.
link: https://sellfy.com/p/etWx/-25off/
Thanks for your much appreciated support!