[Add-on] MassFx- Physics based pile generator!

(Nik_2213) #23

This MassFX add-on could be very, very useful in my personal projects. Any-one using it regularly ?

Okay, poly-count would soar if pile exported to eg Poser11 Pro. But, I’ve 32 GB RAM and, starting with low-poly objects, it sure beats placing stuff by hand. FWIW, there are ways to convert single or multiple copies of a ‘mesh’ held within a Poser CR2 to one (1) ‘external’ OBJ reference…

I wandered in here looking for either a way to make ‘super ellipsoids’ like Piet Hein ‘Super Eggs’, but symmetric, or how to export same from Sketchup (free), which has a script for them. They’d form the body segments of a very alien Poser arthropod…

ps: Alberto, like MassFX, ReTopo is obviously a very, very powerful tool. I can see that. But, without your referents to allow an ‘Aha !’, I can’t figure the use. Please show working…

(cet77) #24

Hey, i bought this addon, but i need to be able to download the updated version for 2.78… Could anyone help me out?

(cet77) #25

I’ve tried PM’ing AlbertoFX now a few times… I got error messages trying to run the massFX. First time i contacted him, he answered pretty quickly and told me he had updated for 2.78 and that he had sent the addon in my email. problem is i never received the email, and when i try to pm him here on the forum now, i only get silence… His sellfy pages are all down, for all the addons, and i can’t seem to figure out what’s going on… Anyone else know how to get a hold of him?

(cet77) #26

ah… my mail-filter had put the email away… didn’t know i had to log in to a mail-filter website to fix it… The ISP i use had his own solution for spam it seems… but now that i found the email with the download link, i can’t download the addon because AlbertoFX has nothing on sellfy any longer… I have no idea how to get my addon anymore… that sucks…

(AFWS) #27

things like this makes me iffy on buying addons. You buy one and never know if it will work with next version of blender or whatever. I stick with free ones and prolly always will.

(burnin) #28

GPL allows sharing, but people’s mass is usually not so open-minded, especially when they payed for privilege
hope for an individual to break free & set an example of openness :wink:

(Alberto Gonzalez(afx)) #29

I try to do my best since it is just me working on multiple plugins…


(Alberto Gonzalez(afx)) #30

I have updated MassFX & is now available on Gumroad.
More info: https://gumroad.com/products/hHuFj
Note: Everyone who has purchased it from sellfy or blendermarket, please email me at [email protected] & receive your update & added to the gumroad list, I already sent out updates, let me know if I missed you!

(cet77) #31

Hi, didn’t see this before now. :slight_smile: I’d love to download from Gumroad, so I shot’ya a mail. :slight_smile: Thanks for this…

(AlmaTalp) #32


I just bought it on BlenderMarket, I wanted to use it for filling buckets/crates with stuff.

It makes error all the time. (2.79b)

(Alberto Gonzalez(afx)) #33

Hey! do you happen to be using the latest blender version?

(AlmaTalp) #34

I wrote I use 2.79b.

(AlmaTalp) #35

Any news? Thx.

(someguyihate) #36

I have the same issue. all versions of 2.79 i think.

(PixelPete) #37

works perfectly fine for me on 2.79b, so something else than a bug must be happening.

I´ve got it on gumroad so I don´t know if it´s the same on blender market; on gumroad there´s this note:
" ***Note: When installing, install as a zipped folder for it to work. Make sure your ground object has a passive rigid body.***"

Maybe that helps?