Add-on : Multi Objects Animation

Hi guys,

Recently, I worked on a professional project in which I had to animate many objects one by one. What you should know is that most of these objects had to move in the same way but each at a different time. I tried to facilitate this job by using Array modifier, but it was not a good solution.
So I decided to script an add-on to do that more easily.

I have to thank edddy who’s helping me a lot to script this!

To understand the interest of the add-on, you can see the animation I made for this job :

(Please, don’t comment about Blender in this Youtube video, this isn’t my channel, and Blender isn’t the subject)

There, a video of demonstration, to understand how it works:
(Explanation in French for the moment, soon in English)

(Here, comments are welcome :stuck_out_tongue: )

For French users, you can follow this thread :
Blender Clan

And finally, the most important (right click > save as) :
Download the Animation Multi Objects add-on

Hope you’ll like it :slight_smile:

Edit :
You can also Download the Animation Multi Objects add-on on :

Thanks Manollo, very useful.

I had to download the script from Blender Clan forum Edddy’s post because it looks like the link posted here is broken.
It works fine, as useful as After Effects “sequence layer” feature.

Great job! :cool: I DO like it :smiley:

Thanks 2nis.
The link works fine for me (right click > save as)

I 'm not sure the one you downloaded from edddy’s post is the last one…

Edddy has suggested the add-on to BF, so you can find it here :
(“attachment” panel)

Hi everyone,

sorry for digging up this old thread, but I’ve been trying to use this add-on for a project of mine and have encountered a problem that I can’t find the solution for.
I’d like to animate a large number of objects automatically, but the order of the animation should depend on the objects’ names instead of the order in which they were created.
I’ll attach a file in which I’ve got 7 objects that have been named asdf1 to asdf7 but that have been created in a different order than their names imply. The add-on always animates in the order in which the objects were created. So the add-on must be accessing information on the order of creation of the objects, right? Any idea where that info is saved for each object? Or any thoughts on how to get the add-on’s animating to depend on tse the object names instead of the order of creation?

Any help would be greatly appreciated, a solution would save me an enormous amount of time and nerves :smiley:


Multi_Objects_Animation_Test.blend (471 KB)