[Add-on] MultiMod

MultiMod is a powerful operator that enables you to change modifier settings from multiple objects at once, in realtime!
This is a huge time saver.
Why go back and forth and change settings for individual objects, when you can do it all at once.
Once you install, the operator will be right above the Modifier menu for easy access.


  • Enable/Disable MultiMod whenever needed.
  • Supported settings: Parameters,Booleans, Strings, etc.
  • Realtime

Upcoming Features:

  • Parameter Offset control( for randomizing settings)
  • Support for Keyframed parameters

*Increase your workflow by buying MultiMod for only $5!

Link: https://sellfy.com/p/VTrJ/


*= Limited time only.[/SUB]

I’ve been needing this! Thanks.

I can see how those upcoming features could be useful, but as it is now is it any better than just alt-clicking a property? http://adaptivesamples.com/2016/01/06/cif-18-alt-click/

Yup, Alt+click needs to be promoted more :wink: get used to it in your workflow as it also works for multiple selections on other settings/editors.
Knowing Blender, sharing knowledge, can spare you coding, time and money.

Does it work with adding modifiers?

No but the standard way to do such a thing would be to use Ctrl-L and link the modifiers to your selected objects, I do like your approach.

I’m glad there is alternative ways, but MultiMod will be available to anyone who’d prefer to save a few clicks.

i’ve just bought the addon, but or it freezes my blender or it’s so slow to be practically useless…