[Add-On] Pixeler - Pixels to Planes [2.80]


Pixels to planes Blender Plugin. Install or copy into the addons folder.


Add an image data block to your .blend and specify the name (e.g. image.png) in the “Image Name” input field. The default x and y offset (2) will create a continuous plane of plane meshes with respective PBR materials of the pixels colour.
Further information

can be found in the system console while running the function. Reasonable file sizes and restricted colour palettes are recommended. 1000*1000 pixels is the tested working limit. Alpha channel transparency (=0) is supported.




Updated to 2.80

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v 2_1

  • Images can now be selected in a dropdown
  • Images can now be added from the addon UI
  • Extrude toggle
  • Merge/Remove Doubles toggle
  • Simplify colours toggle
  • Skip alpha = 0 pixels toggle
  • Node Group for centralized materials control (only supports metalness and roughness for now)