[Add-on] Select boundary edges

Hi guys! I am newbie in Blender python scripting. This is my first simple script. For selection boundary edges (like border in 3ds Max), linked to active edge. Even if it is not a loop

Get it - here

Simple video demonstration


But it’s not necessary because you have just to click two time with right button on an edge for select all boundary!

Yes, you’re right. Sorry, I did not know that.
But this addon allows you to select more than one border, adding to previously selected.

You can add more by using shift. There is also a super powerful tool available. Check this:


Oh, cool tool! Thanks a lot!

Great Work! Keep it up! Every scripting start is good start! :wink:

Hello. It is very useful, but it doesn’t work in blender 2.92. Do you have a version that works in the new blender? I think a lot of people would find it very useful, especially 3d artists that are used to 3ds max and Maya. Thanky you.

Hello! I think this not actual for blender 2.92. You have just double-click with hold Alt on an edge to select all boundary. If you want to select all boundaries - just chose Select > Select All by Trait > Non Manifold

Can you share it again? I desperately need this script

Yes. Use this link

Hi, I know we can select the boundary edges like 3ds Max by holding Alt and double-clicking an edge, if we use Blender Keymap. However, I’d prefer to use Industry Compatible Standard Keymap, so that method doesn’t work.

I’d like to try your add-on, but I can’t find it anywhere, including in Sidebar > View tab:

Is there another way to use your Select Border add-on?

With Industry Compatible you just double click an edge.

If I double-click an edge of a rectangular plane (as seen in the screenshot) with Industry Compatible, only one edge loop will be selected (a rectangular plane has four edge loops (see the screenshot))

Alt left double clicking in the normal Blender keymap doesn’t select the boundary of a square/rectangle either.

edit: Whoops, I was trying to use the top of a cube, not an actual plane.

Alt + Double LMB in Blender keymap and Alt + Double RMB in Blender 27 x keymap will select the boundary edges of a rectangular plane, but it doesn’t work for the Industry Compatible. I just tried it out

I think your keymap is changed/corrupt because I can just double click an edge of a plane in Industry Compatible and it will select the boundary. The only difference is I have to triple left click with Industry Compatible if the plane has subdivisions where I only have to alt double click with the Blender keymap.

I tested in 3.2.2 with a plane that had been subdivided twice with a hole cut out in the middle so I could select an outer boundary or inner boundary.

Hmm it’s strange, because the one I’m using is also 3.2.2 and it was installed four days ago. If you have time, please try to select the boundary edges in this file:

Test_Select_Boundary_or_Border_Edges_1.zip (552 KB)

Triple left click in Industry Compatible keymap or alt double left click in Blender keymap works for the top and bottom outer boundary edges in that model. Neither work for the edges of that interior column though. Basically, works the same in both keymaps for me.