[Add-On] TextAnim

I have started creating an add-on for premade text animations.

The add-on lies at https://github.com/pamrulla/TextAnim/releases/tag/v1-alpha

Please look at it and provide your feedback.

Please more information.
Screenshots and/or Video


Hi pamrulla,

I don’t understand, please: your addon is to create subtitles for video sequences? :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks you responding. Yes we may use it if we want quick text animations while creating presentations etc.

I have quickly created a video on its usage,

Hi pamrulla

class TextAnimPropertyGroup(bpy.types.PropertyGroup):
textAnim = BoolProperty(name=“TextAnim”, default=False)
text1 = StringProperty(name=“Text1”, default="")
text2 = StringProperty(name=“Text1”, default="")
text3 = StringProperty(name=“Text3”, default="")

text2 name needs correction.

Thanks for finding it.