[Add-On] UV-Aligning

The motivation of this script is to get a better placing of uv-verts especially for straight meshes like architectures.

This script has two functions:

  • Aligning all marked UV-Verts to the background-raster, the resolution can be selected by a drop-down-box and is a multiple from 1/256.
    This function is rather simple, it just makes a rounding of the marked verts
  • Aligning a marked line of connected UV-Verts so that they are making a straight line from the starting point to the ending point. The ratio of the UV-Verts represent the ratio of the associated line in the Mesh

I have made a short video (half a minute) to show this script in action:

You will see, that after a rough setting of points i several times use the first function (rounding), and all the verts go rather in a mess. Anyway - after a recalculation only the pinned verts remain exactly at their position.
After that i select lines of connected uv-verts and straighten them by the second function and pin them.
In the end i get a rather good straightend UV-Map to fit to an image, i made with InkScape.

You will find the script here:


But blender doesnt see the script even I put it in the script folder even I install it directly from blender’s addon tab.

Hi @flashnfantasy,

It’s a very good idea, your Add-On (no Script, please, there are rules) for UV straighten lines. I am architect and this tips is more usable that scall (0) with line of local coordinate system.
Thanks a lot for your job.

Edit: Don’t run with my debian linux (CAOLinx), say “Something wrong, maybe single line couldn’t found” with two points away and selected…

Looks awesome, I hope you have time to fix whatever prevents us from installing it.

Upgrade is out:


  • Error solved: straightening a line in the UV had problems with triangles (this error is the reason for this update)
  • New: Taking the UV-Grid to re-mesh the original mesh

Some Remarks:

  • For straightening a line the add-on must find consecutive points on the 3D-Mesh, and maybe with some seams a line in the UV may have an obvious start and end, but this must not apply for the 3D-Mesh, and that’s a reason the add-on fails<br>
  • if you switch off the synchronisation of 3d-Mesh und UV-Mesh it may look to you that you have picked out a line. The add-on takes the selected verts in the 3D-Mesh, and they may differ from what you have selected in the UV-Mesh
  • you can straighten along seems, but not cross seems, especially if the verts have different locations in the UV (actually it might work, but the result would be not what you expect)
  • the REMESH should be, along with the other operators, the final step to make a clean manual remeshing. The new Mesh is in the same Object as the old mesh. The Remeshing can take some time.

I am still working on this add-on, to make it safer and more obvious to use. Since everything is very obvious to me i enjoy any critical feedback.
And i will come up with some examples and maybe another video for usage.


donwload and test 8)

doesnt work with blender 2.65 :frowning:

I see it in the addons list, but I can’t activate it :frowning:

Maybe it had been because of the Umlaute, i didn’t remove all my comments, these things slip out of my mind.

There is a new version at GitHub:

This version has also a new helpful Operation called SelectShortest, which find the shortest path between two verts.
This operation leaves out hidden edges so you can hide parts of the mesh and the shortest path goes along the visible edges.

I am just preparing another Post with a workflow…

Script now take uv-select-synchronisation into account.

For finding the shortest polygon-line on the UV-Mesh you can select up to 8 verts, you usually hardly need more than 3 verts and unintended use with to many points may make your program freeze.
The operator for shortest polygon-line obeys hidden verts in the uv-select-synchro-mode and not selected verts in the not-uv-select-synchro-mode.

Remeshing is not part of the aligning-tools, but enables you to get a maybe better mesh on the basis of the UV-aligning.

As usual, sript is here: https://github.com/MathiasWeitz/blender_uv_align/

And here a short appetizer, what you should be able to archieve with this script:


This is really what I desired! Thankyou very much! I’ll try it as soon as I have occasion!