[Add-on WIP] NGon Filler (Old Grid Cap script)

Update 23/12/12: starting the bmesh version, called NGon Filler

Update 04/mar/12: bug fixed!
thanks to Crouch, the bug is now fixed. You can download fixed file here
mesh_grid_cap.zip (4.29 KB)
please report the bugs you find!
doesn’t work with b-mesh versions!

Update 16/02/2012:
Wiki page with instructions http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/Extensions:2.6/Py/Scripts/Modeling/grid_cap
Video instructions:

For Bug Hunters:
here’s a file where the error happens, [ATTACH]171347[/ATTACH]

Hello! I’m here again! But this time not to ask others to implement this or that feature, but to show something I did. In this video I show you my new script in action. It’s not still an add-on, and has some little bugs, but it works as expected. Hope you like it.


Awesome!I like it.Can’t wait adds on .Good luck :smiley:

Hi Lell,

Good job here. I wait too with interest…

WOOOW! this is better for filling gaps than bridge or fill!Absolutely amazing!I love it! Please, can you release it, its one of the best modelling scripts I have seen from maybe a year!

:o Thank you so much! I hope I can finalize it soon.

Great Script!
BRAVO! :smiley:

this one should replace the current fill

Nice Work!!
Thank you!
hopefully it´ll get into trunk soon…

Keep Up good work:)

I’m glad you find it useful!
Here’s a litle update. Now it’s ctrl-F menu and is interactive.


Now I have to fix a bug I’ve found and I have to optimize it for big meshes.
I hope to release it the next week.

NEXT WEEK!?!?! it’s too late!!!
you have 5 minutes!


Can I do with two sides only(now it is four sides)? I think then it will be a greate fillet tool
Thank you

What you want is already in the bridge tool, in the Loop Tools. You can set the segments of the bridge and the curvature.

Here we are! You can download it here (actually I’m trying to create the wiki page)
and watch the instructions video here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QEaln30pjxA
Actually it has a little bug that I know, but it don’t makes blender crash. Though be carefull untill I’ll say it is fixed. Please contact me here for suggestions or bug reporting, untill the wiki page is not ready.

I invite you to donate at least 1€ to the foundation if you find this script useful.



mesh_grid_cap.zip (4.48 KB)

This is a page with some description, but it’s not the official page. http://projects.blender.org/tracker/?func=detail&aid=30185&group_id=153&atid=467
Can someone tell me where to go to create the add-on wiki page? I cant find it!

If the script returns you a “FLOAT DIVISION BY ZERO”, try to rotate your entire border 45 degrees arond two different axis. And then run the script. Rotate it around the 3D cursor, so that you can rotate it back when the grid is done.

thank you! i’ll try it as soon as possible.

Thank you Lell!

here’s the official wiki page http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/Extensions:2.6/Py/Scripts/Modeling/grid_cap

thanks,very good!this is like a nurbs tool -making a surface with edge curves.-- may be the name can be changed to indicate that(say, Edge2surf etc).

grande lell!

awesome job!

Thank you guys!

this is like a nurbs tool -making a surface with edge curves

Yes, it’s similar, but not so advanced as a NURBS tool, so I think such a name is inappropiate.