Add-Ons Gone After Blender Updated

Hello there,

I have Blender downloaded through Steam, and it was updated automatically to 2.93, however all my add-ons are no longer installed… is there an easy way to get them back without manually re-installing

The confguration and addons are stored… see here Blender doc conf….
IDK why there is no docu for 2.8 2.9 … have a look on your system. Don’t forget to backup and don’t just overwrite something if any guy on the net told you :wink:

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Simpler said, every version of Blender uses it’s own set of folders & preferences.

So when you upgrade, a new folder for the latest update will be created on startup, and a file is added with your choices of the splash screen.

Nothing else is transferred, at least in my test with 2.93 and a existing 2.83 folder setup.
So when running the new version of Blender, there’s no addon folder to look at.

Unless there’s something missing due to the new API’s, you could just copy over the missing folders from the old user preferences to the new preferences folder, and have a working set of addons, keymaps, themes etc. again.


edit: Assuming you’re on Windows, the path to the preference folders is:
C:\Users\yourname\AppData\Roaming\Blender Foundation\Blender

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