Add Ons Image Challenge!

I’m writing release notes for add-ons atm,. :slight_smile:
What I need is a cool image or two created using 1 or more add-ons.
I thought to open this up to the community who have supplied many of the add ons.
The challenge is on!
The challenge will be decided here in 5 days time!
Good Luck & Thanks!

Where do you want to have the (a) picture uploaded?

You can upload to
Then I can add to the wiki page. :slight_smile:

Done! And you include please the link to the wiki-page?
It is the makehuman addon ;-), but that is clear from the picture, is’n it

PKHG - you should include the link to the specific pasteall picture, since pasteall is a site where many people upload stuff…

That is clear, (and ment with ‘done’ ;))
I mean an answer to “Then I can add to the wiki page. :)” …<== where???

could you please post the link to the pic.
I must view & approve it before adding to the wiki. :slight_smile:

Sorry, I thaught that you can see it immediately

And an application

PKHG,thanks for the cool pics!
I will upload you images soon & give you the links.
In the end I had to do this myself. :wink:

hopefully I can get this better, maybe higher res then reduce the image size will be better. :slight_smile:

Not done but here is what I’m working on:

Like the Python API the previous work has changed.